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Stuart Mackay Models is proud to bring you our model collection! We present. . .

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Wonderful kits imported from Germany. Excellent quality guaranteed.
CAP 231 EX. 2.2 meter span for AW 45 (or bigger if you are brave)
CAP 21, fully finished and painted 40 % aircraft for 120-160 cc.
Focke Wulf FW-190. This is B-I-G for a 90cc powerplant or 215 radial
Zlin 50 L/M. Czech aerobat for 30-45cc fun.
Wilga PZL 35. This should be modelled more often. Real STOL performance from a 30-45cc.
Sukhoi SU31. Latest incarnation designed for the 215 radial. Serious fun!
P51 Mustang and Dago Red racer. You know it.
Yak 112. For 60-100cc. German glider towing champ.
Me 262. Electric ducted fan or PSS.
L 39 Albatros. The absolute latest in Jet Model technology.
Let Z-37 Cmelak has been modelled on the tough czech ag-plane from the sixties.
Terzi T30 Katana. Single seat display and competition aerobatic aircraft.
Staudacher S300 Champion. 1/3 scale ARTF.
Velox Revolution 2.
Vivat. 3.6 m span Motorglider based on Blanik sailplane from Czech Republic.
 Electric flight.
The Super Conny for 4 x speed 400's.
DeHavilland DH82 A Tiger Moth. Britain's most famous aircraft.
DC 3 for 2x Speed 600's.
Let 510.
Heinkel HE111. Speed 600's.
DH88 Comet.
Me 262. Electric ducted fan or PSS.
Cougar. Electric ducted fan or PSS.