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Our aim is to bring you, the discerning modeller, the latest and best technology in modelling, we specialise in what is known as Large Models or Giant Scale aircraft which tend to weigh above 10 pounds or 5 kilogram.

We have much experience in this sphere of modelling, and please feel to use this experience to help you choose the model or equipment you need to complete your latest project.

We are distributors to english speaking countries of the superb range of engines and aircraft made by Moki-Modell in Hungary, but as part of our total service to our customer, we also offer a complete range of exhaust systems from Krumscheid and wooden propellers from Menz in Germany. We fly all that we sell and also recommend JR radio systems for a solid control link. We have attempted to answer the frequently asked questions received from modellers starting out in this fascinating and rewarding area of model aviation.

Engines: The advantages of cleanliness, torque and quietness of petrol combined with their economy and ease of operation means that we specialise in this form of powerplant. The engines are designed and made in Budapest Hungary, in a factory which is certified to ISO9001, all of the machinery is less than 5 years old and the latest computerised design and manufacturing techniques ensure a consistent, powerful and lightweight powerplants, designed specifically for model aviation applications. The wide configuration of front or rear induction and side or rear exhaust, enables you to virtually design your own powerplant for your latest masterpiece.

The range consists of two stroke single cylinder engines of 22, 30, 45 and 75 cc capacities, these are available as multi cylinder boxer or inline twins of 44, 60 and 90 cc swept volume. In addition we have developed the ultimate radial, 5 cylinders , 4 stroke 215 cc and 13.5 horsepower!!

Ignition System:The ignition system supplied with each engine is a microprocessor controlled unit and runs on 4.8-6 volt receiver type ni-cad battery. The ignition sensor is a solid state hall sensor fitted away from damage at the rear of the engine. It has an automatic speed related advance/retard system, which enables easy starting without kicking back, optimised ignition point for maximum power /fuel economy and extremely low vibration levels due to the optimum timing throughout the rev range… An electronic rev limiter is fitted to ensure that noise due to overspeeding is not an issue….these engines require no further adaptation to fit your model.

Carburretor:The carburretion is made with pumped unit made by Walbro, these are fitted with a choke to facilitate cold starting, and are renowned for their consistency and superb throttle operation. Once adjusted to the engine /prop combination need no further adjustment.

Prop Fixing: The engines above 22 cc are fitted with a multi bolt prop hub which offers a secure and realistic prop fastening. In addition, it is safer than a single bolt when a spinner is fitted, the bolts pass through the spinner backplate and do not rely on purely friction for retention. Some manufacturers prefer a single bolt type fixing, but these are usually older type magneto ignition engines which have a tendency to backfire and have been known to throw a spinner/prop.

Engine Mounting: Our engines come as standard with the choice of beam or radial mounting. Again due to their low vibration levels and high torque, the use of flexible mounting has not been found necesssary, although the mountings allow easy flexible mounting should you prefer this approach. However, many remark at the flying shows we attend how quiet our aircraft are.

Exhaust Systems: We sell silencers separately with our engines, knowing that firstly our engines are purpose made and not converted chainsaw motors with a small, sometimes ineffective silencer and that because of the wide range of engine configurations available. We have found that our customers prefer a custom exhaust which doesn’t compromise noise emission, performance or cooling of the installation and which doesn’t protrude outside of the cowling. Therefore we offer the range of Krumscheid tuned pipes, silencers and manifolds for virtually every installation, not just for our own engines but also for other manufacturers such as Super-Tigre, 3 W and Zenoah.

Propellers: A propeller is not just a propeller and there is little point in going to a the trouble and expense of a perfect powerplant installation and then fitting a poor quality prop, which may be out of balance, doesn’t produce the thrust, causes vibration and does not track correctly….we fly and sell Menz props in sizes from 16 –32 inch diameter in 2/3 and 4 blade forms, pitches from 6 –14 inch. Why ruin your engine and not realise its maximum power with an inferior prop??

Low Weight-High Power...Petrol or Glow... Needle Roller Bearing...Pumped Carburettor...Electronic Ignition...Hardened Steel Crank... Multi-Bolt Prop Driver...Direct Throttle Linkage...Silencer or Tuned Pipe Options Available
Engine Showroom