Messerschmitt Me262 Schwalbe


Stuart Mackay Models are pleased to bring you this exciting PSS, Twin Electric Ducted Fan or Twin TURBINE model of the famous Luftwaffe jet fighter, the first jet aircraft to enter combat.
The Schwalbe (Swallow) comes in our usual format of moulded silver epoxy mouldings complete with all surface details such as the thousands of flush rivets, panel details and other details of the original. Not content with the current offerings in Electric Ducted Fan technology, we have tasked ourselves with developing probably the lightest and most efficient 90 mm fan unit for this model. The model, itself, can be pre-finished in an airbrushed, authentic Luftwaffe colour scheme at additional cost. The fan clicks into its location and the entire inlet and outlet duct is already moulded into the motor nacelles. Hinges are elastic flap on both ailerons and elevator. Your work is minimized to the installation of the fan unit and your (two aileron servos) avionics/ retracts to get this classic jet in the air, equipped with the optional retractable undercarriage system (with brakes for Turbine), the Me262 takes off from smooth surfaces.The highly efficient aerodynamic design will treat you to five minutes (2400 maH Nicads) of high speed (over 100 mph!) adrenaline rush, aerobatics are part of the flight envelope………..the low speed handling and stability is outstanding, but please remember, this isn't a Piper Cub, so no absolute beginners please!!!

Technical Specification:

Airframe construction: One piece silver epoxy sandwich wing panels (with ailerons gapless hinged) with moulded nacelle/ integral fan duct, plug in tail surfaces with elevators hinged, silver epoxy fuselage with carbon re-inforcements and separate battery access hatch. Clear moulded canopy with epoxy frame. The Turbine version receives additional strengthening of the composites to cope with the higher speed and flight loads and must be specified when ordering, suitable 80 mm Turbines can be supplied by us.

Wing Span: 80 in. (200 cm) Length: 60 in. (150 cm)

Flying Weight: 5.6 kg (12.5 lbs) (Ducted Fan) Electric Fan or Power Scale Soarer 5 functions R/C required - elevator, ailerons (y-lead), rudder, retractable undercarriage & electronic speed controller, 32 cells 2400 MaH Nicad Flight Pack.
2 off Mackay Turbo 90 Brushless electric fan unit/integrated speed controller required

Price: See Aircraft Pricelist

A recent email from Reg Smith

Hi Stuart,
Good news - my 262 flew for the first time on saturday - superb! I've ordered some super new high power NiHD battery packs (available at the end of the month) but as the weekend weather forecast was good I put 36 rc2000 cells in the model and took it up to Barkston airfield for a photo and ground handling session. weight 7 kilos. I took a few pics and taxied around with no problems - recharged the packs and tried a fast run down the centre line to check the effectiveness of the rudder and elevator throws, it just slid off the runway and was climbing out at 25 degrees with no effort on my part and in perfect trim - great - so I flew a couple of landing touch and goes, rock stable and easy (made me look like a good pilot) came in for a perfect landing and taxied right back to my box, wonderful.....
cheers, Reg