Power in model aviation.
215cc 5 Cylinder Radial

We are delighted to be able to bring the best power/weight and value for money radial for model aviation in the world!!! Developed over the past few years, we have grouped five cylinders of awesome, but controllable four stroke power in close formation around a central crankshaft, combined with the totally realistic sound, the radial now enables those projects which have been on your "wish-list" to be realised NOW.....

Equipped with our proven, highly sophisticated engine management system and pumped carburettor, the radial is easily started by hand and produces incredible torque to turn those big, scale propellers reliably throughout the rev range. Forget all that you have heard about radials oiling plugs, or being temperamental, that may be so on others, but not with this incredible piece of model engineering. Silencing is by means of the factory-fitted collector ring exiting to the underside. A cast radial mount is included.

It is ideal for our Sukhoi 31, Cmelak and FW190 models, or many 1/4 scale and larger warbirds and 1/3 scale civilian prototypes.

Capacity Power ca Prop: Weight
215 cc 13.5 hp 32/18 @ 4300 rpm 11lbs