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30 & 45 cc Rear Induction Petrol

30 &45 cc Rear Induction Petrol

Our range of 30 and 45 cc rear induction petrol engines are available both in side or rear exhaust configuration for a compact and convenient installation. Mounting is by beam or radial mount. We offer a full range of QUIET silencers and tuned pipes designed for our engines. They are ideally suited to inline engined prototypes.

Each comes complete with a sophisticated computerised ignition system with automatic advance/retard to enable easy starting, optimum power and low reliable idle . They have probably the highest power/weight ratio of any commercially available petrol engine for model aircraft.

See Muffler dimensions

Weight A B C D Rpm/Prop.
30 1300 g 103 144 107 60 6400 - 20x8
45 1700 g 104 151 123 65 6000 - 22x10

30 & 45 cc Rear Induction Petrol